BRANDI Competence. Expertise

Our firm offers legal services in all areas of public and private commercial law. Our lawyers are highly specialized, and since we usually have several lawyers working in any given field, they are able to discuss matters relating to their respective specialties internally. 

Moreover, at six of our offices, we have notaries offering the full range of notarial services. 

In order to preserve and enhance the efficiency and quality of our services, we furthermore have established regional specialist groups which deal with important areas. These groups are not only based on legal criteria, but have an interdisciplinary focus as required by the respective issues. 


The range of industries and predominance of small and medium-sized companies are characteristic of the regions in which our firm has particularly strong roots.  Given this diverse clientele, our lawyers must have a high level of flexibility and a solid understanding of economic and business concepts. We have many years of experience in a variety of business sectors and are representing companies throughout Germany and beyond from industries such as:

  • Medical professionals, hospitals, and health care
  • Construction and trades
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals  
  • Services
  • Electrical engineering ,  Energy and utilities
  • Financial services, banks, and insurance
  • Trade (retail, wholesale and foreign trade)
  • Timber, furniture, and kitchens
  • Real estate
  • Information technology and telecommunication
  • Church and church-related institutions
  • Municipalities and public institutions
  • Consumer goods
  • Plastics industry
  • Food
  • Mechanical and plant engineering, automotive
  • Media and publishing
  • Production of raw materials          
  • Environmental and waste management"