Family law

Our firm offers legal services in all areas of public and private commercial law. Our lawyers are highly specialized and as several lawyers are usually working in one field, internal technical discussions are possible. Moreover, in five of our offices, notaries cover all areas of the notarial office. In order to secure and enhance efficiency and quality of our services, we furthermore have established regional specialist groups, which deal with important areas. These groups are not only based on legal criteria, but have an interdisciplinary focus as required by the respective issues.


    • Divorce, consequences of a divorce and agreements on the consequences of a divorce
    • Separation, consequences of a separation and separation agreements
    • Agreements between spouses and partners
    • Distribution of assets in case of divorce or separation
    • Claims for the distribution of accrued gains and for retirement benefits
    • Claims to maintenance
    • Matters pertaining to minors, inter alia custody and visitation rights
    • Compulsory partition of real estate by public auction, in particular of family homes
    • Private international law, international family matters
    • International proceedings
    • Guardian ad litem, curatorship and custodianship