Commercial and distribution law

Many companies are engaged in the trade with and distribution of goods. The BRANDI Trade & Distribution Specialist Group bundles our expertise in all matters relating to purchasing and sales, including special forms of distribution, as well as in the related legal fields of antitrust law as it applies to distribution, product liability law and insurance law. We draft your general terms and conditions and supply contracts, check quality assurance agreements, and draft contractual agreements and sample contracts for all forms of distribution by dealers, commercial agents and commission agents. We are also happy to support you in negotiations with your respective contractual partners.

We offer special competence in advising companies with cross-border dealings on international distribution law: Thanks to our cooperation with foreign partner firms within the PANGEA network, we can draw on the expert knowledge of our colleagues in the respective foreign jurisdiction when dealing with matters that have a foreign component. In addition, some of BRANDI's attorneys specialize in the international distribution of goods and, in particular, in questions related to the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG), INCOTERMS®, letters of credit, and international dispute resolution, for example through arbitration proceedings.

The members of the Trade & Distribution Specialist Group represent their clients in negotiations as well as in litigious proceedings – be it within the context of pre-court hearings, mediation proceedings, court proceedings, or in domestic or foreign arbitration proceedings. In addition, we also offer in-house training on current distribution-related legal topics.


International distribution (export and import)

  • UN Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods
  • International supply agreements
  • International supply framework agreements
  • Internationale order framework agreements
  • International General Terms of Purchase and Sale
  • International agency agreements
  • International distributor contracts (including distribution cartel law)
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Quality assurance agreements
  • Letters of credit
  • International bank guarantees
  • International collateralization of credits on goods
  • International sales tax law
  • Private international law

National distribution

  • Delivery agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Delivery framework agreements
  • Order framework agreements
  • General Terms of Purchase and Sale
  • Warranty regulations
  • Guarantee agreements
  • Quality assurance agreements
  • Inco terms
  • Product liability law
  • Insurance law
  • Agency agreements
  • Distributor contracts (including distribution cartel law)
  • Transport law
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Network marketing
  • Multi-level marketing

Proceedings and arbitration proceedings

  • Litigation in Germany and abroad
  • Enforcement of claims against foreign debtors
  • International and national arbitration proceedings (as party representative and arbitrator)
  • Strategies for the prevention of proceedings and reduction of risks
  • Proceedings for the preservation of evidence, in- and out-of-court