Tenancy law, real estate marketing and management

We advise and support our clients all around purchase and sale as well as use of real estate, be it as seller or buyer, as landlord or tenant, as broker or client, in contract negotiations well as in contract execution and performance. In this regard, we have decades of extensive experience, notably in the field of retail property of any size and design. Due to their long-term nature and the constant changes and developments by legislator and the courts in this field as well, lease and rental agreements must undergo constant reviews and amendments, to pursue their intended objectives with legal certainty. This includes both the business area of property services, e.g. center and facility management or the issue of operating costs and utilities, which is of increasing economic relevance.

We advise you with regard to the drafting of lease and rental agreements, of facility management agreements and with regard to brokerage and marketing agreements. The same applies to residential property, in particular to development and division of buildings with condominium and part ownership. The processing of issues under public law (construction planning and building law) is guaranteed by involving the relevant specialist group. Our range of services does of course also include the extra-judicial and judicial enforcement of our clients' interests.


Commercial tenancy and lease law

  • General lease agreements
  • Contracts for special real estate (shopping centers, specialist retail centers, factory outlet centers, real estate for senior citizens/care homes, office buildings, medical practices)
  • Real estate transactions (purchase and sale, leasing, due diligence, rent guarantee)
  • Collection of outstanding payments
  • Modernization, maintenance, repairs
  • Defense against/enforcement of warranty claims
  • Rent increase
  • Operating costs
  • Facility management
  • Center management
  • Project development

Brokerage law

  • Contract design
  • Assertion of and defense against claims for brokerage fees

Residential tenancy law

  • Drafting of leases
  • Termination (of residential tenancies)

Condominium ownership

  • Creation and modification of condominium of residential and non-residential units
  • House rules
  • Rights of exclusive use
  • Meeting of condominium owners
  • Position of the administrator
  • Administrative advisory board
  • Leasing of residential and non-residential condominium units