Public law

Germany is once again holding one of the top spots in the OECD‘s global economic freedom ranking. However, it is not possible to realize any major project without complex approval proceedings, and no business operates without government control.

We help you to realize your objectives as project investor and applicant and to secure your site. In doing so, for decades we have been successfully cooperating with technical advisers from all fields of specialization. This enables us to secure the prerequisite for the economically successful realization of your project: describing the project in line with legal approval requirements and based on a professionally sound and legally sustainable preliminary examination.

Not only do we provide advice in building and environmental law proceedings, we also enforce your interests in court. However, we are convinced that already in the lead-up, the most effective representation of your interests must aim for a precise, yet creative description of the legal framework conditions of projects and for successfully obtaining permits within manageable bounds and emphasis. In many cases, this makes judicial disputes unnecessary.

In planning law proceedings, we support public authorities in the development of statutory and specialist planning foundations for approval procedures and area development. The experience gathered in our practice for the past decades and the specialist knowledge acquired by our considerably grown competence team provides valuable assistance to our clients.



  • Corporate waste disposal in industry and commerce (handover obligations and tender obligations, private sector recycling)
  • Consulting of public waste management organizations
  • Support for authorization procedures under waste law
  • Consulting of waste collection and disposal companies with regard to waste law
  • Consulting with regard to the placement of waste disposal orders
  • Further education and training of waste management officers in accordance with EfbV (Ordinance on Specialized Waste

Building and construction planning law

  • Development plan procedures (land utilization plan, development plan, project and infrastructure plan)
  • Plan approval procedures
  • Building permission procedures
  • Protection of heritage building and monuments
  • Roadways and rights of way

Infrastructure planning

  • Consulting and support for infrastructure planning (road construction, railway construction, electrical power lines, supply lines)
  • Plan approval procedures
  • Supporting of local authorities and citizens during infrastructure planning

Soil protection law

  • Support during environmental remediation processes
  • Environmental remediation agreements

Regulations on securing raw materials

  • Land use procedures, regional planning procedures for the production of raw materials
  • Support during authorization processes for raw material production projects in accordance with mining law, imission control law or water law

Immission control law

  • Support during authorization processes for industrial plants, waste disposal plants, power plants and energy plants
  • Site assessments
  • Securing sites
  • Defense against third-party rights (neighbors, citizens' initiatives)
  • Further education and training of immission control officers

Landscape conservation and environmental protection law

  • Identification of protected areas
  • FFH regulations
  • Species conservation law

Water law

  • Consulting with regard to corporate water supply and waste water disposal
  • Support during water protection area proceedings
  • Approval procedures regarding drinking water supply
  • Handling of substances hazardous to waters (AwSV) (Ordinance on installations for handling of substances hazardous to waters)

Energy law

  • Renewable energy law (EEG)
  • Grid expansion, Grid Expansion Acceleration Act
  • Energy Industry Act
  • Energy plants (power plant, biogas plants, wind energy plant, photovoltaic plants, industrial power plants)
  • Network connection

Municipal law

  • Consulting and representation of regional authorities (municipalities, districts, associations) and municipal bodies
  • Support during processes for citizen participation (petitions for referendums, referendums)
  • Municipal by-law regulations
  • Municipal constitution regulations
  • Preparation and support with regard to municipal decisions

Municipal tax regulations

  • Review of municipal tax by-laws
  • Fee and contribution law
  • Development contracts
  • Review of contribution notices in the wake of development and improvement measures
  • Sewer connection contributions
  • Municipal taxes, in particular entertainment tax

Municipal commercial law

  • Consulting and representation of regional companies and owner-operated businesses, in particular municipal utilities
  • Commercial activity of municipalities

Civil servant and disciplinary law

  • Consulting and representation of employers and civil servants
  • Disputes between competitors
  • Assessment procedures
  • Proceedings due to subsidies in accordance with the office
  • Proceedings due to disability for (police) service / retirement
  • Organizational changes (outsourcing of activities, including remuneration and secondary employment matters)
  • Administrative investigations and disciplinary proceedings

Environmental law

    Legislation governing (private) bodies funding and running schools and universities

      Gambling law

        Administrative procedural law