Private building law, property planning, and construction

Development and realization of construction projects entail numerous challenges. The interaction of numerous parties as well as the desire for maximum quality with ever increasing claims to time and cost reductions involve risks and potential conflicts.

Objective and claim of the specialist group "Private building law, property planning, and construction" is to prevent conflicts and to keep risks to a minimum through preparing and structuring the planning and construction phase with legal certainty. Due to our many years in various industries, we provide individual and workable solutions for structural and civil engineering as well as for plant construction projects.

We take care of development and negotiation of contractual documents for clients, entrepreneurs, and planners, and of preparing tender processes as well as project-related legal advise during implementation and use of construction projects. We represent our clients' interests both in and out of court throughout the country.

Our focus is on the life cycle of a project. Our specially trained contacts are available to you from site planning, via acquisition, construction or refurbishing of a property as well as commercial use and disposal of real estate. In interdisciplinary teams, we offer solutions for building law issues as well as for issues under commercial and private tenancy law


Private construction law

  • Project-based legal consulting
  • Contract design and review (standard price agreements, lump sum price agreements, GMP models, general contractor agreements, general take-over agreements, developer agreements)
  • Review and handling of additions
  • Preparation of letter templates in accordance with the VOB (German Construction Contract Procedures)
  • Enforcement of wage claims
  • Enforcement of/defense against warranty claims
  • Risk estimates and assessments including recommended actions
  • Support during extra-judicial disputes and negotiations
  • Conduction of proceedings

Regulations for architects and engineers

  • Contract design and review (architect contracts, engineer contracts, general planning contracts, project control agreements)
  • Clarification of the scope of services owed by the architect or engineer
  • Consulting during the preparation of the final invoice for fees
  • Enforcement of fee claims
  • Consulting and representation with regard to disputes under liability law

Plant construction

  • Contract design and review of plant construction agree-ments
  • Enforcement of remuneration claims
  • Enforcement of and defense against warranty claims

Law governing construction contract award

  • Drafting and preparation of the award and contract doc-uments for the award of construction and planning contracts
  • Preparation of announcements
  • Answering questions of bidders
  • Creation of an assessment matrix
  • Award procedure documentation
  • Representation in contract award review proceedings
  • Preparation of objections to proceedings, support of negotiations with bidders and clarification of offers

Real estate law

  • Support and legal structuring in the context of project development
  • Review and negotiation of real estate purchase agreements
  • Project development contracts
  • Administration and (facility) management contracts
  • Enforcement of/defense against warranty claims