Sports Law

Our specialized team assists sports clubs and associations, individual athletes as well as stakeholders in the sports sector such as sponsors with all issues related to sports law.
The increasing commercialization and professionalization in the sports sector are giving rise to a continuously growing need for advice among the parties involved to help them preserve and assert their interests and rights.
We will advise and represent you in various matters related to the professional sports sector with our expertise in diverse fields of law.
Our advisers will assist you in all matters pertaining to association law, including laws on foundations and non-profit organizations and sports arbitration and sports association arbitration. In addition, we will support you in matters regarding sports contract law, including labor and employment contract law, as well as in issues related to sports liability law and sports marketing law.
In doing so, we will not only help you formulate contracts, statutes and policies, we will also advise and represent you in litigious disputes.
In complex issues of interdisciplinary fields of law, we are able to put together specialized and interdisciplinary teams in order to find the best possible solution for you, together with you.


  • Laws governing sports associations and clubs
  • Sports arbitration and sports association arbitration
  • Sports contract law
  • Sports liability law
  • Sports marketing law

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