The Bielefeld office dates back to a firm founded in July 1895 by later-to-be Counselor of Justice Dr. Otto Cramer. In the early 1950s, Dr. Cramer‘s office merged with a firm founded in 1925 by attorney and notary Dr. Rudolf Nierhoff, who headed up the ever growing practice until the 1980s.

The office primarily focuses on advising and representing midsize businesses in the areas of commercial and corporate law, labor law, intellectual property rights, IT law, construction and public procurement law, banking law, insurance law, commercial tenancy law, as well as medical law. It also features a comprehensive notary office. 

Adenauerplatz 1
33602 Bielefeld
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The Detmold office evolved from the firm of Deppe, Dröge & Partner, which was founded in 1973. At the time, this was the first merger of accountants and attorneys in East Westphalia/Lippe. From the beginning, the focus of the attorneys working at the Detmold office was on advising midsize, owner-managed companies in all areas of commercial law with a clear focus on corporate and tax law.

Lindenweg 2
32756 Detmold
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Founded in 1977, the office in Gütersloh specializes in international commercial and corporate law, notarial functions, and intellectual property rights. These particular areas of specialization are covered by highly specialized lawyers and notaries – some admitted to practice in other countries – with many years of professional practice and international experience.

They participate in national and international arbitration proceedings, both as legal representative of a party and in the role of arbitrator, and they also manage and represent clients in legal disputes abroad. Moreover, the Gütersloh office also coordinates the relationships with our cooperating law firms abroad, in particular within the Pangea Net network.

Thesings Allee 3
33332 Gütersloh
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E guetersloh(at)



The Paderborn office was founded in 1987 by Prof. Dr. Steffen Gronemeyer, who worked as an attorney from 1973 to 2012 and as a notary from 1977 to 2012. In addition to dealing with issues related to civil law, the office quickly became specialized in cross-regional advising and forensic activities in all areas of public law. In accordance with current needs, the focus is on planning, environmental and public commercial law, which is so important to big industry, midsize companies, citizens and administrations. The notaries handle the notarial recording of urban development agreements, among other things.

Rathenaustraße 96
33102 Paderborn
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E paderborn(at)



The Minden office was born out of the 2004 merger between the law firms of Rusch, Suderow & Pieper and Schröder & Wiemann, both of which had been firmly established in Minden for many decades. The office focuses primarily on providing advice and forensic support to regional and supra-regional small and medium-sized businesses in all areas of public and commercial law, and especially in the areas of corporate law, mercantile law, labor law and commercial real estate law. In addition, the Minden office has three notaries looking after a busy notarial practice, and it is specialized in the collection of receivables.

Stiftsallee 4
32425 Minden
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At the Hanover office, the focus is on comprehensive consultation and forensic support for small- and medium-sized enterprises in all matters of commercial law, in particular labor law, mercantile and corporate law, and the protection of industrial property rights. The representation of clients in proceedings concerning commercial or tax offenses plays a special role. Moreover, the office is specialized in the area of banking and capital investment law.

Adenauerallee 12
30175 Hannover
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The office in Paris was founded as a cooperation office in November 1990 after our partner Dr. Heuer was admitted as Avocat à la Cour de Paris. Together with the cooperation partners at the law firm of Wenner, Avocats, Rechtsanwälte, Avvocati, we support our clients in the respective local language. klein•wenner has 43 attorneys with a range of specializations.

44, Avenue des Champs Elyées
F-75008 PARIS
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Grandall Law Firm
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