Handelsrecht & Vertriebsrecht

Commercial and distribution law

The objective of the goods distribution law work group is to support its clients in all areas relating to the marketing and distribution of goods. In this sense, the product distribution law work group mainly handles the following:

  • All contracts that deal with the sale of goods. This includes sales contracts as well as contracts for work, services and materials, as long as the subject of the contracts are goods and not rights or real estate.
  • All contracts that deal with goods forwarding, notably shipping and transportation law as well as transport insurance laws.
  • All contracts regarding monetary transactions as well as financing of the purchase price including bank credit, collection against documents, negotiation of checks and exchanges and commercial credit insurance.
  • All contracts that deal with the distribution of goods. This includes commercial representative, distributor, commission and franchise contracts.
  • Other organizations that can be viewed as having an objective connection with the above legal areas, such as product liability, public product safety law and competition law.

To name only a few examples, we want to provide just as much support to the entrepreneur who wishes to launch a new product on the market or wishes to employ a commercial representative or distributor, as we do to the buyer who orders defective goods or loses them in transit. We will work for you - not only by representing you during court proceedings but also by assisting you with the preparation and execution of contracts both domestically and internationally

Area of law/practice

International distribution (export and import)

  • UN Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods
  • International supply agreements
  • International supply framework agreements
  • Internationale order framework agreements
  • International General Terms of Purchase and Sale
  • International agency agreements
  • International distributor contracts (including distribution cartel law)
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Quality assurance agreements
  • Letters of credit
  • International bank guarantees
  • International collateralization of credits on goods
  • International sales tax law
  • Private international law

National distribution

  • Delivery agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Delivery framework agreements
  • Order framework agreements
  • General Terms of Purchase and Sale
  • Warranty regulations
  • Guarantee agreements
  • Quality assurance agreements
  • Inco terms
  • Product liability law
  • Insurance law
  • Agency agreements
  • Distributor contracts (including distribution cartel law)
  • Transport law
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Network marketing
  • Multi-level marketing

Proceedings and arbitration proceedings

  • Litigation in Germany and abroad
  • Enforcement of claims against foreign debtors
  • International and national arbitration proceedings (as party representative and arbitrator)
  • Strategies for the prevention of proceedings and reduction of risks
  • Proceedings for the preservation of evidence, in- and out-of-court

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