Dr. Nils Wigginghaus

  • Lawyer and Notary
  • Certified Specialist in International Business Law


Office: Gütersloh
T +49 5241 5358 - 0
F +49 5241 5358 - 40
Languages: German, English

About me

  • Born in 1974
  • Studies of law at the University of Konstanz
  • First state bar exam 2002
  • Legal clerkship in the district of the Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf
  • Second state bar exam 2004
  • Research assistant under Prof. Dr. Astrid Stadler (Chair for Civil Law, Civil Procedure, Private International Law and Comparative Law) at the University of Konstanz
  • Bar admission 2005
  • With the firm since 2005
  • Doctor of Laws (Dr. jur.) 2007
  • Admission as notary 2013
  • Lecturer at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin since 2015
  • Certified Specialist in International Business Law since 2017


    Corporate law


    • Selection of the legal form (corporate law and tax law)
    • Drafting of the partnership agreement, further agreements between the partners
    • German stock corporation and private company law (e.g. OHG, KG, GmbH & Co. KG, GmbH, AG, KGaA, eG)
    • Foreign legal forms (e.g. Ltd, Plc, Inc., LLC)
    • Trust

    Life and growth of the company

    • Conduction of general meetings and partners' meetings
    • Participation rights, silent partnerships (typical, atypical)
    • Private equity companies
    • Subsidiaries (foundation and acquisition, foreign subsidiaries)
    • Corporate compliance, corporate governance
    • Cooperation agreements, joint ventures, join ventures in Germany and abroad
    • Takeover of other companies (M&A)


    • National and international holding structures

    Disputes within the company

    • Disputes between the partners, with members of bodies and with the company
    • Representation of interests out of court (in particular in partners' meetings, general meetings, supervisory board, advisory board)
    • Representation of interests in court
    • Arbitration (as party representative and arbitrator)

    Company succession

    • Entrepreneur's last wills
    • Gifts, usufruct
    • International models
    • Supervisory board, advisory board

    Purchase and sale of companies (M&A)

    • Determination of the type of sales process (e.g. auction, sale to competitors)
    • Transaction structure (in particular asset or share deal, tax aspects)
    • Transaction management
    • Agreements prior to due diligence (e.g. non-disclosure agreement, letter of intent)
    • Preparation and execution of and support during due diligence (including installation of a(n) (electronic) data room)
    • Negotiations
    • Drafting of the company purchase agreement
    • Distressed M&A, acquisition from the insolvency administrator
    • Purchase of a foreign company
    • Purchase by a foreign purchaser
    International law

    International direct investments

    • Foundation of subsidiaries abroad
    • Joint Ventures
    • International purchase and sale of companies
    • Management of participations abroad

    International proceedings and arbitration

    • Litigation abroad
    • Enforcement of claims against foreign debtors
    • International arbitration proceedings (as party representative and arbitrator)
    • Strategies for the prevention of proceedings and reduction of risks

    International transfer of trade marks and technology

    • National and international application and management of trade marks
    • International trade mark strategies
    • International defense against pirated copies
    • International know-how protection
    • International know-how agreements
    • International mixed license agreements
    • International non-disclosure agreements
    • Corporate law compliance
    • Anti-corruption compliance
    • Determination of the specific requirements for a compliance system in consideration of the existing compliance culture
    • Development of customized compliance guidelines ("Code of Conduct")
    • Adaptation of German compliance guidelines with regard to their applicability to foreign subsidiaries
    • Raising the employees' awareness and training the employees with regard to general and specific compliance questions
    • Regular control and further development of the compliance system, if applicable
    • Contact with non-legal service providers



    • Synergieeffekte zwischen Straf- und Zivilprozess
      Eine Untersuchung zur prozessökonomischen Verbindung von Straf- und Zivilprozess unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Problems doppelter Beweiserhebungen. Konstanz, 2007

    Contributions to books

    • Beiträge in Arens/Tepper, Praxishandbuch Gesellschaftsrecht, 2. Auflage 2013
      Kapitel 6 Das Mandat beim Unternehmenskauf- und Verkauf
      § 27 Vorvertragliche Vereinbarungen, Due Diligence
      § 28 Arten des Unternehmenskaufs
      § 29 Gewährleistung des Verkäufers
      § 30 Haftung des Erwerbers für Verbindlichkeiten des Verkäufers
      § 32 Kaufpreis und Zahlung
      § 33 Lieferung des Unternehmens
      § 34 Besondere Beratungslagen
      § 35 Formerfordernisse
    • Das Mandat beim Unternehmenskauf und -verkauf (außer §§ 31, 36), zusammen mit
      Dr. Franz Tepper in: Arens/Tepper, Das gesellschaftsrechtliche Mandat, Bonn 2007
    • German Civil Code - Kommentar zum Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch, §§ 759-779 BGB


    • Deutscher Anwaltverein
    • Deutsch-Amerikanische Juristenvereinigung
    • Deutsch-Chinesische Juristenvereinigung
    • Deutsch-Britische Juristenvereinigung