Christopher Jones

  • Lawyer
  • Specialist Lawyer for Criminal Law
  • Specialist Lawyer for Tax Law


Office: Hanover
T +49 511 899379 - 17
F +49 511 899379 - 76
Languages: German, English

About me

  • Born in 1980
  • Studied law at the University of Leipzig, Humboldt University in Berlin, and the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, GB
  • First state exam in 2007
  • Worked for the German-American Chamber of Commerce in New York, USA in 2007
  • Legal clerkship at the superior Court of Justice in Berlin
  • Worked for the law firm of Bärlein, Freyschmidt, Frings, Pananis, Venn (specialized in commercial criminal law) from 2009 - 2010
  • Second state exam in 2010
  • Attorney for criminal law in Lüneburg 2010
  • Completed study course for specialist criminal defense attorneys in Berlin in 2011
  • Joined the partnership in 2012
  • Specialist Lawyer for Criminal Law since 2014


  • Tax compliance
  • Anti-corruption compliance
  • Determination of the specific requirements for a compliance system in consideration of the existing compliance culture
  • Development of customized compliance guidelines ("Code of Conduct")
  • Establishment of an external compliance hotline
  • Raising the employees' awareness and training the employees with regard to general and specific compliance questions
  • Regular control and further development of the compliance system, if applicable
Tax law
  • Consulting with regard to tax planing for all tax types
  • Final costing
  • Cash auditing
  • Securing of input tax deduction
  • Voucher audit
  • Conduction of objection proceedings with regard to all tax types
  • Proceedings for the stay of execution and enforcement
  • Representation in liability proceedings
  • Tax law compliance
  • In-house training regarding the distribution and requests for vouchers in order to secure the deduction of operating expenses
  • Consulting with regard to voluntary reporting of tax evasion
  • Preparation of voluntary reports of tax evasion including the review and assessment of bank receipts
  • Preparation of and support during audits
  • Actions before the fiscal court, the Federal Fiscal Court and the European Court of Justice
  • Constitutional complaints
Law regarding business and fiscal offenses

Law regarding fiscal offenses

  • Tax evasion
  • Contraband trade
  • Receiving property through tax evasion
  • Jeopardizing import and export fees
  • Voluntary disclosure to avoid penalty, including tax assessment and bank scheduling

Law regarding business offenses

  • Granting/taking of undue advantage (in business transactions)
  • Bribery/corruption
  • Anti-competitive collusion in tenders
  • Fraudulent invoicing
  • Corruptibility in business transactions
  • Violations of the Drug Act
  • Debarment/withdrawal of license
  • Criminal trade mark infringement
  • Criminal use of utility models
  • Copyright violations
  • Crimes in corporate crisis
  • Secreting assets
  • Balance sheet fraud
  • Violation of the obligation to keep books
  • Preferential treatment of the creditor/debtor
  • Skimming of profits
  • Recording in public registers

Environmental criminal law

  • Unauthorized handling of hazardous waste
  • Soil/water/air contamination
  • Unauthorized operation of plants
Customs and foreign trade law

Foreign trade law

  • Criminal offenses and administrative offenses in accordance with the Foreign Trade Act and Foreign Trade Regulations
  • Export control
  • Consulting and support during foreign trade audits

Customs law

  • Customs value law, customs tariff law, customs debt law, accompanying customs inspections


  • Deutscher Anwaltsverein
  • Rechtsanwalt- und Notarverein e.V.
  • Vereinigung Niedersächsischer und Bremer Strafverteidigerinnen und Strafverteidiger e. V. (VNBS)