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Charlotte Bachmaier


Location Minden
T +49 571 83706 - 41
F +49 571 83706 - 66
Foreign language: English, French, Spanish


About me

  • Born in 1986
  • Studied law at the University of Münster, Germany, majoring in constitutional and administrative law
  • First Exam ("1. Staatsexamen") in 2014
  • Legal clerkship ("Refrendariat") at the Bielefeld District Court, Germany
  • Second (Bar) Exam ("2. Staatsexamen") in 2016
  • Admitted to the bar and joined the firm in 2017


Private construction law and regulations for architects

Private construction law

  • Project-based legal consulting
  • Contract design and review (standard price agreements, lump sum price agreements, GMP models, general contractor agreements, general take-over agreements, developer agreements)
  • Review and handling of additions
  • Preparation of letter templates in accordance with the VOB (German Construction Contract Procedures)
  • Enforcement of wage claims
  • Enforcement of/defense against warranty claims
  • Risk estimates and assessments including recommended actions
  • Support during extra-judicial disputes and negotiations
  • Conduction of proceedings

Regulations for architects and engineers

  • Contract design and review (architect contracts, engineer contracts, general planning contracts, project control agreements)
  • Clarification of the scope of services owed by the architect or engineer
  • Consulting during the preparation of the final invoice for fees
  • Enforcement of fee claims
  • Consulting and representation with regard to disputes under liability law

Plant construction

  • Contract design and review of plant construction agree-ments
  • Enforcement of remuneration claims
  • Enforcement of and defense against warranty claims

Insurance and liability

Transport law

  • Accident settlement
  • Assertion of/defense against damage claims and claims for pain and suffering
  • Defending clients in traffic ticket proceedings as well as in criminal proceedings related to transport law
  • Driver's license
  • Medical-psychological assessment (MPA)



  • Deutscher Anwaltverein (DAV)
  • FORUM Junge Anwaltschaft