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Dr. Jürgen Löbbe

Lawyer and Notary in and for Bielefeld
Certified Specialized Attorney in Banking and Capital Markets Law
Certified Specialized Attorney in Inheritance Law

Location Bielefeld
T +49 521 96535 - 822
F +49 521 96535 - 114
Foreign language: English


About me

  • Born in 1964
  • Legal studies at Bielefeld University
  • State bar exam in 1990
  • Research associate at the Chair for Civil Law, Legal History and Methodology (Prof. Dr. Otte) at Bielefeld University, 1991 - 1992
  • Research associate at the Chair of Civil Law, Law of Civil Procedure and Law Governing the Legal Profession (Prof. Dr. Jost) at Bielefeld University, 1992 - 1996
  • Bar admission in 1996, and with the firm since then
  • Doctor of Laws (Dr. jur.) 1997
  • Appointment as notary in 2008
  • Certified Specialized Attorney in Inheritance Law since 2008
  • Certified Specialized Attorney in Banking and Capital Markets since 2010
  • Honorary judge at the Cologne Higher District Court (Notary Public Department)
  • President of the Board of Trustees of the Evangelisches Johanneswerk since 2022


Bank and capital market law

  • Consulting for distressed loans
  • Liability of investment advisers, investment brokers and asset managers
  • Law of credit agreements and collateral security
  • Law governing banking and financial services supervision
  • Guarantees
  • Realization of securities
  • Consulting for financing and consortium agreements
  • Law governing bank contracts including General Terms and Conditions
  • Payment transactions, in particular transfers, direct debit or credit card
  • Asset management

Asset planning, succession, succession law

Succession law

  • Design of last wills
  • Revocation of a last will
  • Contracts of inheritance (notarial)
  • Withdrawal from a contract of inheritance
  • Directions pertaining to legacies and conditions
  • Prior and subsequent succession, also excepted prior succession
  • Order of the execution of a will
  • Will to the benefit of persons with disabilities, in need or overly indebted
  • Provisions for the offsetting and balancing of gifts
  • Renunciation of inheritance
  • Renunciation to the compulsory portion
  • Inheritance tax
  • Agricultural succession law (farm regulations)
  • Determination of the legal succession including spousal inheritance rights
  • Acceptance and renunciation of the inheritance
  • Contesting of the acceptance of an inheritance
  • Securing the estate through curatorship of the estate
  • Liabilities of the heirs, obligations of the estate
  • Administration of estates
  • Insolvency of estates
  • Community of heirs
  • Contesting a will
  • Interpretation of a will
  • Accepting or rejecting the office of the executor
  • Remuneration of the executor
  • Dismission of the executor from office
  • Compulsory portion regulations
  • Obligation of the heir to furnish information
  • Offsetting of gifts against the compulsory portion
  • Request for the issuance of a certificate of inheritance
  • Revocation of a certificate of inheritance
  • Purchase of an inheritance, transfer of shares of an inheritance

Asset succession and company succession

  • Succession planning
  • Legal and tax succession model
  • Prevention of claims for compulsory portions
  • Anticipated succession
  • Transfer of company assets
  • Foundation of family-owned businesses/family pools
  • Establishment of foundations
  • Sale of companies
  • Enduring power of attorney
  • Entrepreneur's last wills, testamentary and prenuptial of the entrepreneur
  • Execution of wills (e.g. in case of underage heirs)
  • Transfer agreements
  • Agreements on the renunciation of the compulsory portion
  • Lump sum provisions

Asset planning

  • Legal consulting with regard to asset management
  • Legal structuring of (family-owned) companies
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Legal models for invested capital, in particular for investment funds



  • Sozialistische Rechtsanwendung - Dargestellt an der sozialistischen Rechtstheorie und der Rechtsprechung des Obersten Gerichts der DDR zum ZGB, jur. Diss., Bielefeld 1997


  • Deutscher Anwaltverein
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Erbrecht im DAV
  • Deutsche Vereinigung für Erbrecht und Vermögensnachfolge (DVEV)