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Timo Stallmann, LL.M.

Certified Specialized Attorney in Tenancy and Condominium Law

Location Bielefeld
T +49 521 96535 - 848
F +49 521 96535 - 115
Foreign language: English, French


About me

  • Born in 1983
  • Legal studies at Bielefeld University
  • First Exam ("1. Staatsexamen") in 2008
  • Legal clerkship ("Refrendariat") at the Paderborn District Court
  • Second (Bar) Exam ("2. Staatsexamen"), admission to the bar, joined the law firm in 2011
  • Certified Specialized Attorney in Tenancy and Condominium Law since 2014
  • Master's degree in real estate law at the University of Münster 2016 - 2018
  • Visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Law at Bielefeld University since the 2018 summer semester


Tenancy law, real estate marketing and management

Commercial tenancy and lease law

  • General lease agreements
  • Contracts for special real estate (shopping centers, specialist retail centers, factory outlet centers, real estate for senior citizens/care homes, office buildings, medical practices)
  • Real estate transactions (purchase and sale, leasing, due diligence, rent guarantee)
  • Collection of outstanding payments
  • Modernization, maintenance, repairs
  • Defense against/enforcement of warranty claims
  • Rent increase
  • Operating costs
  • Facility management
  • Center management
  • Project development

Brokerage law

  • Contract design
  • Assertion of and defense against claims for brokerage fees

Residential tenancy law

  • Drafting of leases
  • Termination (of residential tenancies)

Condominium ownership

  • Creation and modification of condominium of residential and non-residential units
  • House rules
  • Leasing of residential and non-residential condominium units



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